Effective Tips to have a Threesome

Having a threesome is something that you are completely dependent on your partner to fulfill your sexual desires. Threesome is quite a very sensible and delicate topic that need lots of courage and control while asking with your partner. If anything goes wrong or you didn’t gave the right reason for having a threesome, this may also ruin your relationship with your partner. So, threesome isn’t organized that easily and you have to be confident and a trust on your partner.

Threesome can be between two male and 1 female, 2 female and 1 male, all three male and all three female. So, what will you do when you are in a situation of 1 female and two male including you? This article is all about having a threesome when you are in a situation of 2 males and 1 female.

This article is all about to know the best threesome tips when you are having threesome with another male and a female. How to take the advantage when you are looking to organize a threesome for two men and a woman? Here are the best tips, follow these tips whenever you are into a situation of 2 male and a female threesome –

It is quite hard for a woman to engage with two men at a time when a swinger lifestyle but still there are women that love to be in a threesome and can handle two men a time when it comes to enjoyment. It is believed that a girl that is addicted to sex is quite one of the best candidate for having a threesome and also love to have into a threesome situation of 2 men and a woman.

If you want a woman to be in a threesome with you and your friend, don’t waste time to ask if she really want to be in a threesome situation. Don’t hide anything about having a threesome and the situation that you are looking for, if she likes the idea she will definitely say yes or if don’t, she will turn down your offer and move on.

If a girl that you want to be in a threesome is your girl friend and you want to invite a male friend of yours to join you and your girl friend for threesome fun, it’s best to choose a friend with good looks and also make it sure that your friend won’t tell or share your secret to anyone else.

When you are a third wheel in a threesome, don’t wait for the invitation to join them, go and take participate and have fun on your own way. Waiting for them to ask and join for a threesome, is something that ruin the interest in threesome and also you are not enjoying the threesome.

Avoid any conversation or discussion during intercourse. Concentrate on your fun and enjoy the threesome. You can chat or discuss later after having a fun with each other.

These are the best tips that you need to follow if you are into a threesome dating of 2 men and a woman.

Essential Tips for Your First BBW Dating

Looking for a BBW woman for a date or you has already found a BBW woman for you with the help of online dating websites. It’s your first BBW dating and you are going out for the very first time with your BBW date. It is quite obvious that you are feeling bit nervous or low in confidence. However, you don’t need to be worried or nervous as BBW date isn’t much different from other regular dates and BBW women are too quite same as other women. But you need to know few things about BBW women before going out for a date and make sure that you know what not to do or ask when you are on a BBW date with a BBW woman.
Here are few tips that you need to follow –

Make the environment pleasant and comfortable for your curvy dating – It is important that when you are on your first BBW date, you don’t have to make the conditions unfavorable for your dating partner. It’s your responsibility to make her feel relaxed and comfortable.

Don’t try to touch sensitive issues – It’s mandatory that you must talk to your date but it is also an important aspect that you don’t touch any sensitive issues while talking with her in a flow. Especially about her body weight or plus size body. This makes your date uncomfortable and she won’t be feeling relaxed or free when you ask questions about her body weight, gym exercise or anything related to her body. If she starts the conversation first that you can take part in the conversation with all positives you have for her.

Never look to other tables, what they have – When you are dating a BBW woman, it is important for you to not to see other slim or skinny girls roaming around you or sitting next to you in other table. Usually, BBW women are not feeling comfortable in front of slim or skinny girls. So, it is better not to stare other girls when you dating a BBW woman.

It is also believed that men attracts towards skinny girl more as compare to BBW women. These things also make them a bit unsecure when they are on a date and her dating partner is staring to other skinny girls in front of her.

Make her believe that you care about her – it is your responsibility to make her feel that you really like her and care about her. For this, sharing your personal life experience, your family details or introduce her to your family creates good impact on your BBW dating.

Teasing is also one of the best things that you can do when you are on a date with BBW. Tease on her likes and dislikes, favorite team or player making your conversation more interesting. Talking about your likes and dislikes and share your favorites time spend.

This is all essential things that you need to follow and implement when you are on your first BBW date.

When to Start Transitioning?

Many transgender-to-be are hesitated when talking about this topic. When to start your transitioning? Is there a good time to be a woman or a man that I was meant to be?

Every transgender people are different in their own situation. They live in different areas and have different upbringings. Therefore, the situation is different for every transgender people when they transition. There is no exact time for you, but there are some tips and advice on when to transition.

If you are thinking about when to transition, maybe you have come to the terms that you are a transgender and wondering when to come out to your friends and family. I can’t tell you that you should come out the minute you found out or you should come out when you stable. This also differs from person to person. But I would suggest you to come out when you are financially and mentally ready. To be honest, transitioning is a very costing process. You need money to buy medicine and to see doctors. They are very expensive. Besides, not everyone has health insurance and not every medicine will be covered by your health insurance. Therefore, if you are financially stable or you have some extra income, you can start your transitioning. If not, I suggest you to start saving until you have enough money to cover the expensive transitioning. Wait a little longer is okay. You can start with clothing, practicing your voices, walking, etc. Money can be a very depressing issue during your transitioning. There are many other issues you have to worry about during transitioning process. Do not make money to be one of them. You need to eliminate them as many as possible.

On the other hand, just as I mentioned above. You need to be mentally ready for your transitioning. Transitioning is a very stressful period of time. You may be questioned, isolated and even violated by people around you. They may be your old friends or relative or even your close family. You have to be absolute sure of it, or you won’t survive it. You have to build a very strong mind. No matter what they say about you, you need to be sure that this is what you want. Do not be defeated by the public. Get some trans app and learn yourself.

There’s some extra advice for you to help you start transitioning. First, find your major support. It can be your friends or family. Find them. Once you have trouble or depression of transitioning, go and talk to them. Having someone to understand and support you is very important during your transitioning. Second, find some transgender friends. They are like your teachers. They have experienced this period in their life. When you have questions that your friends can’t answer, go to them. They will be more than glad to offer you some advice. Besides, there are many things, such as trans dating tips, your friends don’t know about being a transgender while they will know it.

Transgender Dating Tips for Men

Dating a transgender woman is one of the major fantasies of some men and they are quite crazy about trans dating and trans women. if you are too one of them that won’t mind to date a transsexual women than definitely but you haven’t date a trans women before and you are but nervous. You need some tips and guidance so that you can build some confidence while dating a transgender women, than this article is worth reading and definitely help you in dating a transsexual dating and also helps you to know and understand the basic requirements of transsexual women that you have to fulfill in order to enjoy ts dating.

If you haven’t date a transsexual women before, than surely there are few things that you need to know. First of all, you have to find where you can find a transsexual woman to date and how to approach her and asking for a date.
This is quite important to express your feeling in right manner to any transsexual women especially in front of others or in public place. If you don’t want to get embarrass in front of your friends and family members than it’s better to show your character while approaching a transsexual women.
If you are first timer and haven’t date a transsexual women before, here are few tips before asking a transsexual woman for a date –

Never ask a transsexual woman directly when you see her in a party or any other event – don’t think that transsexual women is easy to pick and you will over there and grab any transsexual woman. Picking a transsexual woman for a date is as complex as other cis women. So, it’s better to hold your nerves and act gently. If you see a transsexual woman in a party or some other event, it’s better to make an eye contact first rather than express your feeling to her directly. While making an eye contact with her, if you get some response from her too, than its time to ask her for a drink or dance if you are in party and music is on. Start conversation and tell her about yourself and ask the same from her. Don’t forget to ask her about her company. She is with someone else or alone, if alone than ask her for a drive and share your emotions if she is interested in you, if not, then surely, she is not your cup of tea. Move on and find another transsexual woman. Definitely you will find other one too.

Online dating sites – Not a party animal and don’t like to go out for parties and clubs. Online dating websites are best platform for you to find a transsexual woman. Choose the best suited transsexual dating website based on user rating and reviews. Create your profile and start browsing transsexual women profiles.
But you have to be careful too while paying or subscribing any pro version as there are many frauds and spam websites that can stole you money and provide you nothing.

Some Celebrities who Take Pride in Their Figures

In most ordinary people’s mind, those famous stars who always appear on the TV screen all have very slim figures. But do you know that actually there are lots of celebrities who are big beautiful women, including some Hollywood celebrities. They don’t have healthy lifestyles sometimes, i think that’s the main reason of their obesity. But they are not afraid that they have big figures or even be proud of their figures. Because most of them needn’t worry about that they cannot find their parents or they will lose their jobs this kind of pressure. And here are some typical BBW celebrities who take pride in their figures as follows.

First of all, Adele, an UK singer with beautiful voice. She became fatter and fatter when she started her singing career, but she felt very confident all the time. Although she became a little bit slimmer after pregnancy, she still prefer” oversize look” actually. Secondly, Kelly Clarkson, who is famous for becoming the winner of the first season of American Idol. She is skinny at that time, after a few years, she became much fatter than before and people all feel very surprised about it. Now, she is the mother of two babies, she takes pride in her figure and never feel stressed about some people’s negative words. Thirdly, Queen Latifah, an American singer and actress, who owns a decent and big hips. She feels very well to own an oversize figure and never think about going on a diet. Sometimes, in order to mould a movie role, she has to lose weight . But after few weeks, she always comes back to the normal figure. Fourthly, Beyonce Knowles, a famous singer who is proud of her figure. She never allows people to change her photos even if she looks a little bit fat in the picture. Because she believes that the natural body shape is a kind of beauty. Fifthly, Oprah Winfrey, an American TV shoe star. As a matter of fact, at the beginning, she is persisting in losing weight in order to keep fit, but her weight is not steady. Now, she gives up doing that, and feels confident of her body shape.

To summary, from these typical examples I have mentioned, the self-confidence of those BBW celebrities is worthy of learning for us. And what’s more, if you feel proud of yourself, i believe you will have a happy life.

Transdr—the Best Online Dating App

For those trans singles looking for a hookup, Transdr is the perfect recommendation. Its millions of users get to really express who they are and their desires without fear of judgment. If you are looking for long-term relationship or friendship, Transdr can also privide what you need. Transdr has a massive user base of hot singles with unique wants and needs. They are either transgender, or crossdresser, or their admires. Here, you don’t have to worry about being disrespected and judged. You can do what you want, speak at your free will. It doesn’t matter if you’re transgender or crossdresser, etc. Transdr encourages people of all orientations to sign up for free! It is the best online dating app.

How does it work?
First, you need to download Transdr into your phone. Second, create a profile. It is suggested that you should fill out the required questions as perfect as possible, for that we can present the proper people to you first. In this way, you can find your match more effectively and quickly. Third, after done creating your profile, you can start searching for your matches now. Go to “Browse”, you can find there are many profiles for you to go over. Swipe left to like somebody, or just swipe right to pass. In the meantime, there are plenty of people like you are going over your profile. If the person you like also likes you back, you two will be matched. You can talk to each other freely. The number of matches is not limited. You may find dozens of matches. All you need to do is to talk to different people until you find the right person to be with. If you find it is too inefficient to go over so many profiles and not be able to find the right one, you can directly go to “Search”. Select “Last login”, “Newbie” and etc, you can quickly find local matches. It is a good time-saving method for practical people.

VIP membership
Our basic features are free for everyone. But for some, they may want to experience the supreme priorities. You have VIP membership for those users. The price is very favorable, compared to other online dating apps of the same kind. Please refer to the below:
One month for $14.99; 3 months for $29.99; 6 months for $49.99, the best value!

With VIP membership, you can experience our advanced functions and you will have bigger chance to find your love.
You can send messages to anyone you like to earn your dating chances.
You will get a supreme emblem distinguished from others. It is believed that a person with a “V” emblem can win over admires more easily and get a date more quickly.
You can check who viewed you and set you as favorite.
You can check your matches and admires.
You will get priority in search result. Every time people search for someone, you will get the top spot, which offers you bigger chances to get found by someone.
You will have privilege to search people with full filter and all criteria available, such as location, last login date, sexual role, etc

Top 5 Mistakes made by Man while Dating a Transsexual Woman

Transsexual dating is not as same as regular dating and most of the time, guys take it very easily and make common mistakes that result they lose their transsexual date and never get it back. However, most of the time, men are quite confused or bit nervous that what to do and how to approach a transsexual women on their first date and due to lack of ideas or confidence, they lose their first transsexual date with no result. I have seen many guys that try to impress a transsexual woman and go out for a date with no clue how to start, what to talk with her and in the last they come back with bare hand and lose the best chance of dating a transsexual woman in their life.

However, dating a transsexual is not as difficult and you need to change few things in you and you can see the success ration you get in your transsexual date will change amazingly and you will really going to enjoy your transsexual date with your t-woman.

Here are the common mistakes that you should not made while going out for a date with a transsexual woman –

Never take an advantage for your transsexual date – you are on a trans date with her but it really doesn’t matter that you will take advantage of this. Never force her for sex right on your first date. This is common thinking of men that a transsexual woman will easily available for sex but it’s not at all correct. Show your patience and try to impress her with your words, character and give time to yourself and her so that your relationship will build up and you will have a long term relationship.

Don’t think transsexuals women loves porn – Porn movies are only for making money, fun and entertainment. If you make and illusion about your transsexual date with a porn movie than it’s your big mistake and you must stop yourself right now.

Don’t take your date as a granted – It’s a transsexual date and you are dating with a transsexual date so never thinks that you are doing any favor on her as you are cis man and still dating a transsexual woman. It’s better to build your relationship with trust and love instead of arrogance and a pride of cis men.
Don’t make any statement about gender and your relationship – It’s better to avoid any conversation that is related to gender or past relationship. Never tell her that you are not gay and love to date transsexual women. They know that already as that’s why you are here with her. Transsexual women really like a straight men with full of confidence. So bring a man in front of your date instead of giving excuses about sexuality.

Respect your date – It’s quite clear that you are dating a trans woman and you know that very well that she is a transsexual. So, never call or disrespect her by calling tranny, Shemale or ladyboy. Make her feel comfortable with you so that both of you can enjoy your date.

GHunt – Top Gay App of Online Dating Apps

When it comes to finding a partner for fun, gay men seems to be lucky enough to find a public place where they can communicate with lots of local guys. Sure, those places can allow them to connect with each other without judgement from the rest of the world. But not everyone you see in those places is compatible for you. You have to say hi and chat with them face to face. Sometimes, it is just awkward to be there expressing your intentions. So, the best way for them to talk and connect with guys nearby is become a member of GHunt.

GHunt is a professional gay hookup app, as well as a wonderful community for gay dating. It can help you find guys who are looking for one night stand and guys who want a life partner for a long term relationship. The most important key is that you can express exactly what you need from this gay dating app in your profile. Once you downloaded it, you will get there to create a personal profile to allow the app to know what you need and allow other members to know who you are and what you are looking for. As long as you can have a detailed profile with GHunt, you can get more and bigger chances to catch up with guys you need. It is not difficult to create a perfect profile and it is unlimited to upload good-looking photos to attract others to contact you. Don’t just blame others just because you don’t meet enough matches. It is just a platform and you have to make effort so you can find what you really want.

This gay dating app is pretty easy navigate. It has a very clean layout and everyone can understand how it works once they get to this gay app. There are several item on the left navigation and each of them are very useful for members to make use of. Click the profile photo can get to user’s personal profile where they can upload photos and update their information. QuickMatch will allow members to meet guys that are the most potential for them. They can check their photos and profile before swiping right to mark them or swipe left to pass them. Moments is a place where members can post pictures publicly to get more attention and contacts. All members can see your pictures and can comment on them. Connections will show members lots of lists, including the list of who sent you roses, who have viewed you, who have fav’d you and who you have liked. A good way for members to know their matches.

GHunt can be so popular is mainly because it knows how to serve its members and help them find local guys easily. It is not like other gay dating apps out there that care little about their users’ real needs.

3rder-an App You Can’t Afford to Miss

Well known as a leading threesome finder app among open-minded couples and single people, 3rder recently declared that it will take over the threesome dating field as some similar apps have been removed from the market. In the last past few years, 3rder has helped thousands of people to get their respective partners for threesomes, swingers or group fun. Now users always say that 3rder is the best tinder for threesomes and it indeed works similarly to tinder in some ways.

There are over 90,000 members playing 3rder for threesome partners and most of them are real people from all over the world. Based on such a large user database, each member is supposed to get access to enough potential matches. Therefore, no matter what you want, you can always get satisfied with so many chances for your ideal partner.

Features for standard members
As a standard member, you will have full access to basic features without any limitation on 3rder. You can play several rounds of quickmatch each day and you are going to get more than 60 potential matches as long as you finish all the rounds. Among hundreds of matches it is easy for you find out a few people who share the same interest with you. If you want to catch more eyes from other members, posting some sexy photos to the moment part is a great way. When you get messages from other members, you can check them and give replies back to initiate conversations exchanging further information.

Features for premium members
After upgrading your membership with only a little money monthly, you will get several privileges of taking use of advanced features. Whenever you find someone you are interested in, you are able to actively send messages to your favorite members and you cannot do this if you are a standard member.

Besides, you are allowed to set up the filter to get more accurate recommend partners according to your preferences. Compared with standard members, premium members are provided with three extra rounds of quickmatch every day. That’s to say, premium members definitely will get more chances to find and meet their compatible partners for threesomes.

How to become premium members
Generally speaking, 3rder is an affordable app and it is worth for any user to spend money to this great threesome dating app. If you are ready to pay for this app, you can easily complete the payment via PayPal, credit card, bank card and debit card through its in-app purchase. During the payment process, you can send feedback to the customer team once you are in trouble and you are assured to get a reply back in 12 hours.

Final conclusion
3rder is a well designed app for people to live a threesome or a swinger lifestyle, especially for the young people. More and more people are joining 3rder for fun and this made a rapid growth in the number of users over the past few months. Just download 3rder on your phone and create your personal profile to see how far you can go.


Want a Swinger Lifestyle! Avoid these Common things to Ask from Your Wife for Swinging.

Looking for swinger lifestyle and would like to be swinger couples, but don’t know how to ask or what to ask from your wife. From where you can start for asking a swinger lifestyle and what are the common things that you should avoid asking from your wife. This is the common but quite most important thing that you need to know that what you should not ask from your wife for having threesome relationship or swinger lifestyle.

Most of men know or get the tips from anywhere that how to ask and from where to start if you are looking for swinger lifestyle or threesome but they eventually don’t know what not to ask from their partner and things gone wrong. There all plan or desire to have a threesome or desire to be swinger couple will gone or ended. So, taking care of these essential points, here are the key tips that you can follow while going to ask for swinger or threesome from your wife and also what not to ask or strictly avoid things while going for swinger or threesome relationship. Here are the tips that you can follow.

Never pressurize your wife for having swinger or threesome – It is important not for force or pressurize anyone even it’s your wife, girl friend or anyone else. Being a swinger or having involved in threesome is someone personal decision and you can’t force him to go for threesome or adopt a swinger lifestyle.

However, if you are keen to adopt a swinger lifestyle, first you have to know her sexual fantasy and desires. Try to fulfill them first and once she is in good mood or feeling relaxed, you can start the conversation like this – do you heard about swinger lifestyle? What you think about being a swinger couple and have new sexual experience. Never go for direct like – I want to have a threesome or swinger along with you, be ready.

Don’t share your feelings or desire first – No matter what you like or not, it’s not about you or your desires. You have to agree your wife for having threesome or swinger. So, stay away your feelings from thing and try to know your wife’s feelings first. Never say this to your wife, “you would really like to do threesome with this girl”. Here everything is quite related to your wife and her desires at least in beginning of threesome.

Do not compare your relationship with other couples – Never try to compare your relationship with other couples as approximately all the women never like to be compared with someone else especially from whom who are already done a threesome or known as swinger couple. If any of your friend or couple had already done threesome or a swinger couple, keep distance from them and never share their example in front of your wife.

Follow these essential tips and keep the things in mind what to do and what’s not.