My wife had her first surprising threesome

Emily and I have been married for 5 years. She and I were quite different in personalities, but I think that was exactly the reason which made us sparkle for so many years. Before I met her, I was quite swing. I lived a very swinger lifestyle. I was interested in trying kinds of things, threesomes, foursome, moresome, BDSM, etc. When I heard something new sexually, I would like to try it. However, Lily, who is a junior school teacher, is a very conservative woman, just like every other teacher you know. She thinks that lovemaking is something between two persons. She can’t stand the idea of sharing partner with another person, let alone persons. Since I met her, I was madly in love. I don’t care if I am allowed to try swinger lifestyle or not, I want to be with her with any cost. So we are together.

Marriage is good. But to be honest, after so many years, it can be a little dull inevitably. Admit it or not, so is your marriage if you have been married for so many years. I know it is impossible for Lily to try threesome, but still, the little beast inside of me is trying to get out after locked up for so many years. I want threesome hookup. I want to swing again, but I never said it to her, because I know what the result will be. However, what I did not think through is that people change. There is no constant no, but just constant changing. I knew this just from a week ago. Even my conservative wife can be just as slutty as the prostitute in the porn.

Last weekend, we planned to have our bedroom all painted. We have been living in this house for many years and it needs a little refreshment. We hired a painter, called Tony, who was introduced to me by one of my friends. He was said to be a good painter. But now I think he is much better at something else than painting if you know what I am saying.

Anyway, Tony is a very good-looking and muscle man. I think he must be a catch among all ladies no matter young or old. My wife answered the door for him and she told me that she liked this painter, as a joke. When he was doing his job upstairs in our bedroom, I was sitting in the couch and reading a paper. Lily came to sit beside me. She was wearing a mini-skirt. I naturally put my hand on her thigh. I was strangely turned on by her thigh. I moved my hand upper close to her pussy. She shouted in a low voice “no, honey, the painter is upstairs”. But I could feel that she was turned on too. I forced myself on her. Without much effort, she gave up. As we were naked in our couch, the painter came down stairs and saw us. It was awkward first, but after about 30 seconds, my wife said “if you want a threesome, this is your chance”. Of course, I took it. We had a tinder threesome.