Some Celebrities who Take Pride in Their Figures

In most ordinary people's mind, those famous stars who always appear on the TV screen all have very slim figures. But do you know that actually there are lots of celebrities who are big beautiful women, including some Hollywood celebrities. They don't have healthy lifestyles sometimes, i think that's the main reason of their obesity. But they are not afraid that they have big figures or even be proud of their figures. Because most of them needn't worry about that they cannot find their parents or they will lose their jobs this kind of pressure. And here are some typical BBW celebrities who take pride in their figures as follows.

First of all, Adele, an UK singer with beautiful voice. She became fatter and fatter when she started her singing career, but she felt very confident all the time. Although she became a little bit slimmer after pregnancy, she still prefer" oversize look" actually. Secondly, Kelly Clarkson, who is famous for becoming the winner of the first season of American Idol. She is skinny at that time, after a few years, she became much fatter than before and people all feel very surprised about it. Now, she is the mother of two babies, she takes pride in her figure and never feel stressed about some people's negative words. Thirdly, Queen Latifah, an American singer and actress, who owns a decent and big hips. She feels very well to own an oversize figure and never think about going on a diet. Sometimes, in order to mould a movie role, she has to lose weight . But after few weeks, she always comes back to the normal figure. Fourthly, Beyonce Knowles, a famous singer who is proud of her figure. She never allows people to change her photos even if she looks a little bit fat in the picture. Because she believes that the natural body shape is a kind of beauty. Fifthly, Oprah Winfrey, an American TV shoe star. As a matter of fact, at the beginning, she is persisting in losing weight in order to keep fit, but her weight is not steady. Now, she gives up doing that, and feels confident of her body shape.

To summary, from these typical examples I have mentioned, the self-confidence of those BBW celebrities is worthy of learning for us. And what's more, if you feel proud of yourself, i believe you will have a happy life.