Things to remember before going on your first transgender date

Dating a transgender woman is quite exciting in all terms. Every man that is looking for a transgender woman to date has some expectation that makes him exciting. Similarly as a transgender woman, we too have some expectations from our dating partner. If you want to date a transgender woman and don’t know much about transgender date or a transgender woman but only thinking to have sexual pleasure from us, than surely you need to read this article before having a transgender hookup. Here are few things that you need to know before having your first encounter with a transgender woman –

Don’t think that we will teach you in bed – we are not professionals and don’t ever think that we are going to do everything in bed that you like. We are not sexual object that you can use to fulfill your personal sexual pleasure and fantasies. It’s a trans dating and you have to respect our emotions and decisions too.

Bedroom talk should remain to bedroom – dating a transgender women isn’t mean that we are always interested in sleeping with her. We are just like other cis women and like to talk about love, relationship and future planning instead of sex and personal desire. There are many more things that we have to discuss with our dating partner. Like other cis women, we the transgender woman too want regular dating and outing with our dating partner instead of spending time in bed and go intimate all time.

Never ask questions about our gender choice – yes, this one is quite important, if you really want to date a transgender woman for a long term than surely you don’t ask her about her real identity and what makes her to change her identity. Don’t ask any questions about transgender, transgender or anything else that will make us uncomfortable and lost all respect in you. We are not here to increase you knowledge here. It’s a date and keeps it as a date. Ask us about what we like, interest and what we think about our future but don’t take risk to raise questions about our sexual identity, our past or anything that isn’t relevant when you are dating a transgender woman.

Don’t include porn movies in your real life date – yes in most porn movies, transgender women are labeled as Ladyboy, Shemale and they are even the most searched keywords ever in porn movies and even some online dating apps. But if you think that your transgender date would also love to be called by these name or labels than it’s your biggest misconception and you must know that porn movies are not realistic and there isn’t anything in porn movies that is related to real world. Main motto behind every porn movie is to entertain there viewers and increase their popularity. But in real world, when you are dating a transgender woman, you must know which label is quite appropriate and what label you should use that suits best to us and maintain our self respect.