What is transgender dating? How transgenders are different from transgender or cross-dressers?

What is transgender dating? Before we will discuss about transgender hookup, it is quite important to know about transgenders, transgender or cross-dressers. There is a huge confusion about transgender, transgender or cross-dressers. People mostly confused about transgender and transgender. But both the terms are quite different to each other and don’t have any similarity in any case. To know the real difference about transgender, transgender and cross-dressers, here’s the complete description about each term. Let’s discuss transgenders, transgender and cross dressers individually.

Transgender – Word transgender is a combination of two words. One is Trans and the other is Sexual. Trans means transformation and her sexual word isn’t indicating the intercourse or having a sexual relation here. Here, sexual word indicates about the sexual identity that is male or female. So both the word Trans and a sexual combine and become a word ‘transgender’. Transgender means the one who transform to other sexual identity. For example, if someone born as a male and later undergone with a surgery and transform into female and known as transgender woman, similarly if someone born as a female and transform into male and called as transgender man.

Transgender – Transgender is completely different form transgender and they don’t undergo with any surgery. Transgender word too is a combination of two words like transgender. One is Trans and the second one is gender. Transgender means the one that are born with a male sexual identity and remain with that for the entire life but his mind and body won’t accept each other and start behaving as a different gender, they don’t only start behaving as a different gender but also make efforts to look like the opposite gender too. Even though, there is more feminism in them as compare to transgender and cis woman. But it is believed that transgender are suffering with mental illness or there is something not going right with them.

Cross-dresser – Cross dressers are the most entertaining and surprising among transgender and transgender. Cross-dressers never gone under surgery to Trans to opposite gender and they are quite different from transgender too. Cross dressers to were the outfits of opposite gender and behave the same as transgender. But cross dressers to this occasionally or just for fun or in order to add more excitement while going intimate with their partner. One of the major thing about cross dressers is, when they are not behaving as a cross dressers, they are just cis gender like other and live their normal life. But transgender exactly the opposite of cross dressers, they are behaving or wear the outfits of opposite gender for all the time or we can say the rest of their life.

What is transgender dating?
When a cis gender dates a transgender, this is known as transgender dating. Dating a transgender woman is one of the most desired fantasies for most guys. Trans dating become more popular these days and many famous TV or real life personalities do admit themselves as a transgender.