When to Start Transitioning?

Many transgender-to-be are hesitated when talking about this topic. When to start your transitioning? Is there a good time to be a woman or a man that I was meant to be?

Every transgender people are different in their own situation. They live in different areas and have different upbringings. Therefore, the situation is different for every transgender people when they transition. There is no exact time for you, but there are some hookup tips and advice on when to transition.

If you are thinking about when to transition, maybe you have come to the terms that you are a transgender and wondering when to come out to your friends and family. I can't tell you that you should come out the minute you found out or you should come out when you stable. This also differs from person to person. But I would suggest you to come out when you are financially and mentally ready. To be honest, transitioning is a very costing process. You need money to buy medicine and to see doctors. They are very expensive. Besides, not everyone has health insurance and not every medicine will be covered by your health insurance. Therefore, if you are financially stable or you have some extra income, you can start your transitioning. If not, I suggest you to start saving until you have enough money to cover the expensive transitioning. Wait a little longer is okay. You can start with clothing, practicing your voices, walking, etc. Money can be a very depressing issue during your transitioning. There are many other issues you have to worry about during transitioning process. Do not make money to be one of them. You need to eliminate them as many as possible.

On the other hand, just as I mentioned above. You need to be mentally ready for your transitioning. Transitioning is a very stressful period of time. You may be questioned, isolated and even violated by people around you. They may be your old friends or relative or even your close family. You have to be absolute sure of it, or you won't survive it. You have to build a very strong mind. No matter what they say about you, you need to be sure that this is what you want. Do not be defeated by the public. Get some trans app and learn yourself.

There's some extra advice for you to help you start transitioning. First, find your major support. It can be your friends or family. Find them. Once you have trouble or depression of transitioning, go and talk to them. Having someone to understand and support you is very important during your transitioning. Second, find some transgender friends. They are like your teachers. They have experienced this period in their life. When you have questions that your friends can't answer, go to them. They will be more than glad to offer you some advice. Besides, there are many things, such as trans dating tips, your friends don't know about being a transgender while they will know it.