Does Age Really Matters?

Cougar dating is defined as the romantic relationship between an older woman and a younger man. Nowadays, we found increasing heat growing on cougar dating, which is also the reason why so many cougar hookup apps raise up. Cougar town might also be one of the reason that triggers older women to find younger men or the other way around. No matter in celebrities or the mass public, cougar dating is everywhere. For cougars and cubs, age is usually the first factor one might take into consideration. Is there any rules on the age difference? I believe many people have saw a video on Youtube named 31-year-old has 91-year-old Girlfriend. According to the comments below, most of people still can't appreciate this relationship. Some said it's mainly due to the countless wrinkles and age spots on that woman. "I'll be very happy to accept Jennifer Aniston as my girlfriend even if I'm in my twenty". Is that so?

There's a strict rule for cougars to choose cubs or for people to choose their partner when dating. A formula which is agreed by most. It shows what kind of age difference in a relationship is acceptable in other people's eyes. The younger generation or the cub may don't know it. Even if they heard, they would laugh about it. Nonetheless, it is still commonly shared. Here's the formula. Dating age formula: Using your current age divide it by two and then add seven. For an example, if you are 46, then the age of the cub you can date can not be younger than 30. Although there's no evident showing the scientificity of the formula, it is still followed by most people no matter they are in search for a serious relationship or a cougar dating, according to the users' data demonstrated on CougarD.

Many say 3 years' difference can cause a generation gap. Having so many gaps doesn't mean you two can't click in a relationship. Even though your age difference may not conform to the formula, it doesn't mean "no" in your relationship. There's a saying said that only can you know if your shoes fit.
It seems that celebrities have special tendency to choose a boyfriend younger than herself. Kim Kardashian, 39 years old, who recently put up a photo showing the roses her 24-year-old boyfriend sent her to celebrate the "365 days of love", written on the card. Yours Bendjima is not the first boyfriend who's younger than her. There's also Madonna Ciccone and Jesus Luz with 28 years age difference. There's rumors saying that they may get married this year.

Dating age formula could be a reference for cougars and cubs. But do not let it become the main obstacles that hinders between you. Love is not limited by age or any other thing. "According to the users' data, there's more and more relationships going between lovers that has an age difference for over 25 years and this number is still going up", said Justin, the CEO of CougarD.