We asked big beautiful women what they find attractive in guys on online bbw dating sites

Even though many argue if online bbw dating websites is the best way to conduct an active social life, bbw dating sites is still one of the most efficient methods to look for potential big and beautiful girlfriend. However, the information you present on free bbw hookup websites can be easily interpreted. To solve the problem and increase your chance of finding a compatible big curvy woman, we asked bbw black women, bbw white women as well as bbw Asian women from all over the world, and we’ve learnt what will get the big and curvy women to swipe right or left.

What’s the biggest turn off for bbw women?

“ I would say my biggest turn off is when I see a photo including something dull such as a bottle of champagne. In other words, I will never talk to the guy who shows off in their first picture on free chubby dating sites. Also, it’s cringy to see a guy sitting on a car or just trying to be cool”

What would you swipe right for on best bbw dating sites?

“As a bbw women who loves great food and good energy, I prefer the guys whose bio is written in a positive tone, and who always smile genuinely in their picture on best curvy dating websites. Since I am passionate with fluffy things, I prefer a guy who shows his cat or dog in their pictures while dating on free bbw hookup sites.”

What would make you want to reply on bbw dating platforms?

“I think almost all big and beautiful women prefer genuine good opening line to a plein and dull "Hi.” Bbw women also want to feel special, thus, if they mention something I put in my bio and want to know about it, I will totally give it a chance to get to know them more.”

What would make a really uninteresting profile on bbw dating apps? 

“On the best bbw dating websites, a huge number of guys put their dislikes on their profile instead of what they want from a big and beautiful women. It actually doesn’t matter if I fit into the profile of his dislikes, but it just kills my desire to connect to someone opting for a negative tone.”

What would make you accept a first date on bbw dating sites?

“ It’s actually not that hard for bbw women to take things offline if the proposition is genuine. I really like it when people proposing to big beautiful women in a genuine way. For instance: "Do you want to go check the restaurant out? I've heard a lot of big curvy women are into it!" moreover, I would totally like it if the plan was carefully made and the guy just tries to make it more convenient for you.”

Why did you decide to sign up on online bbw dating websites?

“No, I look for friend on online bbw websites. I’m not only here to flirt.”