The Signs That Girls Have a Crush on You

Last week, my friend Jonny came to ask me if the girl he was chatting in a curvy dating app had a crush on him. He is a shy boy and he didn’t a have any girlfriend before, so he paid great attention to this girl and he hoped this hookup girl could be his lover. I should say I was very happy for him as he was a good guy who deserved to be loved. So I asked him about his messages sent to the BBW girl. And now, I would like to share some signs that girl may have goof impression over you. If you have the same experience, maybe you should hold the chance.

The first sign that we can understand is that a girl says that she hopes you will have a good dream, and you’d better meet her in your dream. It's not hard to understand. When a girl says this to you, she still has a little expectation for you. Boys can think of it by themselves. If it's not because of having good feelings, no one will show such a high expectation to other people. On the one hand, this means she has good feeling for you. On the other hand, she wants to go on chat with you next day as this is a good topic to discuss next day. Girls are generally more emotional, they want to be very important to you. But they don't express it very well. So we use this relatively implicit way to hint. After all, you haven't said that you like this girl very much at this time, so if she tells you that she misses you very much, she is afraid that you won't cherish her in future. If you think she is also good and you want to develop into a love relationship with her, don't miss this opportunity.

The second sign is that she said she didn't like other girls chatting with you. If you did, she would be very angry and sad.

If boys are bot very careless, they should know what this word means. After all, not every girl has the courage to say such a word. This sentence is not difficult to understand. On the one hand, this girl is too afraid that you will be chased by other girls and let her miss you. On the other hand, it also shows that she likes you very much and she is also giving you hints. As she is not your lover now, she just wants you to know you are different and meaningful for her. If you can't understand it , maybe you don't deserve to have this girl. If you like the girl who says this word, I should say congratulations, the girl likes you in 99%.

Actually, you will find, if a girl likes you, she will try different ways to give you this hint and if you like her, do not let this chance pass by. If you don’t like her, you should also reject her in a soft way and I hope more people will find their lovers.